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Straight Cut Labels Customized Garment Damask Woven Labels

straight cut labels customized garment damask woven labels

Woven labels are the most common and economical way to identify and grow your brand on your product. Woven labels have the best and biggest bang for your buck! 
 You can tell this from all major brands who use woven labels in the majority of their products, it can not be beat! Woven will allow you to get the finest detail in both your logo and name – you will be amazed how professional your name and brand will look in our Aosters Label.

Product Type:
Woven label, Main label, Care label,Neck label,Size label,etc.

Polyester yarn, cotton yarn, taffeta, satin, damask, gold/silver 

metallic thread, etc.

Applied to a variety of garments, bags, shoes, hats, gifts, sofa, quilt, luggage, toy and more suitable for garment factory, hat factory, toy factory, bag factory, shoe factory, etc.
Woven/weaving to weave thread/yarn into woven label
Label backing:

Iron on, paper backing, adhesive back, hook-and-loop fastener backing 


End folded, center folded, miter folded or straight-cut, etc.
Eco-friendly, waterproof, durable and washable, etc.



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